Thursday, September 6, 2012

IFA Part 2

The IFA event wrapped up yesterday and it was a hell of a show. New technologies were introduced, amazing products were revealed and great prototypes were demoed. The first thing I want to share is about the new 4K TVs from LG, Sony and Toshiba. The current standard for HD TV resolution is 1080p which represents 1920x1080 pixels. The new standard, called 4K, is 3840x2160 so basically 4 times the standard we are just begining to get used to. That is the reason why they call it Ultra High Definition TVs. The bad thing about it is that there is no content broadcasted in 4K resolution except a few PlayStation 3 games and a minor portion of content on YouTube, but do not worry, it will come. LG's model is 84 inches, also does 3D and costs only 25 million wons or a small 22,000$ US. Sony's model is not priced yet but it is the same size as LG's, does passive 3D too and comes with a 10 unit Live Speaker. Toshiba's 4K TV has a sleeker housing than the others because there are no speakers mounted on it's side. Same as it's two competitors, it will support passive 3D which requires glasses.

The other big thing presented in this year's edition of IFA was the concept of a phone with a different display on each side, a conventionnal LCD screen and an e-reader style E-Ink display. The benefit users would get from that would be an extended battery life and a break from the light that is emmited from the screens we usually have on smartphones which would be a lot easier on your eyes. It is a very interesting idea but I think it needs to be explored a little more. I am pretty sure the final result is supposed to be a phone with only one screen that does both.

There was a lot of other products revealed at IFA but they are all stuff that I expected to come out in a near future. Also, manufacturers like Lenovo and Acer showed us what they have in store for the year to come but I am not really interested in buying anything from them anytime soon. I am not saying that they are bad companies, but they are definitely not the best.


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