Thursday, July 12, 2012

Best of the best !

When I was about 5, I was really into ninjas and karate and so my dad always rented martial arts movies. I remember one called The best of the best, and this is not relevant at all. I put together a compilation of what I think are the best mobile manufacturers - Apple, Android's top (Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony Ericsson) and Nokia because of their partnership with Microsoft's Windows Phone - best devices. Here is what it looks like :

And here are the results : 

The big winner would be the Samsung Galaxy S3 but from my point of view, the Galaxy Nexus is the real champ. The math behind this is very simple : the Gnex is Google's flagship device and it comes with a vanilla OS and no bloatware. I see you thinking wtf does that mean ? well it means that this is the device that will work the best with it's physical components because the software was developed in partnership with the hardware manufacturer. It also means that your device will be the first to get updated when a new version of Android comes out. Since stats can tell us a lot but they can also blind us from what's real, even if the iPhone seems to be behind all the others, I can tell you that it is definately not the worse phone of the list. The same goes for the Nokia Lumia. They are both great phones and since they run on different OS's we can't juge them only one their specs, we'll have to look at the software and for this purpose, I will compare it with the Galaxy Nexus running Android's latest version : JellyBean. Let's start with the iPhone which runs on iOS. The pros : Apple provides their consumers with more than a simple device, it's a whole environment, so if you have more than one device, everything will play nice together. The security on iOS is also a plus because unlike Android, not anyone's application will be allowed on the app store. The last big point for Apple is the user compatibility. A lot of people seem to think iOS devices are easier and simpler to use than Android devices and in a way they are not wrong. The real difference is when Apple adds a feature, they only give you one way to use it. On Android, anybody could create an application that would use the same feature but in a different way. So the consistency in the whole device is never compromised and all the users become robots that all do the same things the same way. I like the fact that you have the choice on Android. Enough about iOS, let's skip to Windows Phone.  The Nokia Lumia is a gorgeous device but it's main issue is not the fact that it lacks specs to compare to the others, it's the fact that the OS it is running is in an embryonic stage. The Windows Phone menace is not yet looming. I would say give it a couple of years and it will become a real rival to the others, just like Firefox OS but that's for another post. No HDMI out, no expansion possibilities and the limited number of available apps really shows how much Windows Phone only needs maturity to gain momentum and market shares because most of the features that are missing aren't that hard to implement. 

In closing, I guess my biggest advice when buying a new phone would be : buy a flagship device, buy a device which not only consumers but also manufacturers will care about. In my next post, I'll explain better why I think Android trumps all the other mobile operating systems and why it should be your running on your next phone. 


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