Friday, July 27, 2012

Product Review : Tenqa Remxd

About 5 years ago, I bought a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones made by Insignia which is a Best Buy operated brand. As you can imagine, they were the cheapest on the shelf and this is why I bought them. They were 40 bucks, I almost felt obligated to purchase them. They finally lasted a little more than 4 years and what is even more impressive is that I slept with them playing in my ears for two of those years. Lets call this a miracle. Four years later, my Insignia crap broke and I was already used to the joy of rocking to my beats cordless so I was not going buy anything that had a wire attached to it. I started looking around and I found these bad boys for the exact same price ! The Tenqa Remxd headphones are way better the piece of doodoo I use to have. First, the comfort of the Remxd headphones is amazing. The only thing that I could complain about would be the size but in fact I am kind of glad they are that small because they are not bulky at all. The DJ headphones look they have is very what caught my eye first because my old model had the headband was in the back and it was not really good-looking. The controls are great too, unlike my previous pair the Remxd has buttons that are easily accessible. This is a really important point because most of the time, you are not looking at the buttons when you press them. Another awesome thing that I did not have before is the option to use them with a wire. So if my battery is dead, I just pull out my cable a keep listening to my music. I never had to do it so far so that means the battery must be pretty decent. The sound quality is actually not that bad for a 40$ pair of wireless headphones. On the flip side, I found that the quality of the Bluetooth signal is a bit weak and that is the last bad thing I have to say about it. So to sum it up, great price, comfort, good look, easy acess buttons, wired option and decent sound. One last thing, they make a great gift !


Check them out here, and buy them on eBay.

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