Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Android Must-Have Apps

The real beauty with Android, is that most apps are free, even the super powerful ones. When you buy a new device or switch to Android, users can find it hard to know what are the possibilities available and what are the great apps that are out there. So I put together this list of applications you should have on your device because they are what makes Android such a solid platform.

File management

To perform file management tasks like, copy/pasting files or simply freeing storage space by deleting a music album I stopped listening to, I use Astro File Manager. It does everything a file manager should do and it is very easy to use. The only thing it does not do perfectly is opening zipped files. This is why I also use AndroZip which is like WinZip for Android. It works very fast and is really helpful when you download files that need to be unpacked.

Home entertainment

Most of the time, I use my Android tablet at home. I use it mostly as a remote control for the computer that is hooked up to my TV. The app Gmote lets me control my computer's mouse and keyboard from the comfort of my couch. It can also be used as a music remote control. Another app that is very cool at home is TinyShark. This app will allow you to listen to music from GrooveShark directly on your phone. This is awesome when you want to be the DJ in your friends party. Another thing I do at home with my Android device is reading. I don't subscribe to magazines any more because now, I get them straight on my tablet through the Zinio app. You can even get free stuff and 99 ¢ single issues.


The thing when you buy a 600$ device is that you can always lose it. If you are like me, chances are this might happen one day or another. You might think that once it is lost, you will never be able to find it back and you are right. Unless you install Where's my Droid ? your chances are slim to none but with this app, you are almost sure to get it back. Where's my Droid will let you track your phone by sending custom text messages to your number or by using their online commander interface. If I had an award to give for the best Android app ever, I think I would give it to them. 


Most people like to use their smart-phone to read the news while they ride the bus to work or just as an everyday morning routine. Personally, I use Google Currents from times to times but I don't think it is the best one out there. I have heard a lot of commotion around another great app called Pulse which is one of the most gorgeous app on Android, but it is not my favorite news app. I like the default one that comes with Android but that's just me. 


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