Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bluestacks : Android on Computers

Ever wanted to play Angry Birds on your MAC or PC ? Well it is now possible thanks to a company named BlueStacks and their App Player. Each January, there is a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and this year, BlueStacks won the award for the best software of 2012 and an Innovators Award. The developers team behind BlueStacks is composed of 10 engineers and it took them something like two years to get it working. Of course, Angry Birds is not the only app  you will be able to use on your computer. In fact, it works with most apps and games you can find on the Android app store, Google Play. It is still in beta version, that means that it works but you might find a bug here or there in the software if you push it to its limits. The MAC version's development status is alpha and that means that some apps will work but most won't and if they do work, there are chances that they don't work perfectly. The great thing about it is that it is totally free, for now. Here is a list of apps that should work great on Windows :

GAMES: Where's My Water?, Angry Birds, Words With Friends

MESSAGING: Use WhatsApp, KakaoTalk

KIDS: The Lorax, and other apps and e-books for kids

PHOTOS: Skitch and PicSay

MUSIC: WinAmp which lets you play files from your PC

SOCIAL: Facebook and Twitter

BlueStacks offers another product but this one is for your Android phone or tablet. BlueStacks connect will let you "push" applications from your Android device to your computer running BlueStacks. Basically, it lets you download apps from your device on your computer. This product is also in beta, so we might see them add more features in the near future. 


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