Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fresh Out the Labs - Google Edition

Yeah, Im in love with Google and their crazy beautiful ideas. I hope this post (and all of the others), will make you appreciate them as much as I do. These two projects are just a small part of all the experiences Google is conducting. 

Google Fiber

This project is the most generous project Google could have. Google is becoming an Internet provider and they don't even want you to pay to use their services. Actually, once again, they give you a choice. Either you pay a one time fee of 300$ for the installation and never pay again for Internet access or you get one of their monthly paid plans. The free plan will give you up to 5 MB/s download speed and 1 MB/s upload speed and unlimited bandwidth. That means you basically get the same as every other provider's cheapest plan but with unlimited data transfer and for free. The paid plans are just incredible ! For the 70$/month one, you get 1 GB/s download and upload speeds which is totally unheard of, no data caps, of course, and 1 TB of Google Drive storage. This is 1000 GB of free online storage, another unheard of offer. The 120$/month plan also includes all of those things plus a Nexus 7 tablet that you can use as a remote and full access to their TV lineup. Wait ... TV lineup ? Google is going to give you access to TV content in HD for free over the Internet. You will even be able to record shows, save your own photos and videos on the storage box that will come with the package. The sad thing about it is that it is only for Kansas Cities for now. Cities because it is available in Kansas City in Missouri and Kansas City in Kansas. Weird hun !

Google Driverless car

Most car accidents are caused by humans so Google decided to take us out of the equation by developing a car that does not require a driver to be operated. How is that possible ? It works by combining the power of Google Map and a GPS tracking device, cameras installed inside and outside of the car, a LIDAR sensor on top and radar sensor in the front. The LIDAR is light detection and range sensor which is able to detect distances between objects and that works by emitting pulses from a laser. An artificial intelligence software compiles all the data received from the input devices and then drives the car for you so you can just enjoy the ride. They already tried their technology in a Toyota Prius and in this video, you can even see a blind man using it. That makes me think that maybe one day, children, elders and even drunks will be using it. Imagine going for a night out with your friends and let your car drive itself home. How awesome would that be ? I wonder how many live this will save.


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