Friday, August 3, 2012

My Sources

People often ask me where do I get all this stuff. In fact, I get it from a lot of different places but in this post, I will tell you about the best websites to find information about mobile phones, Android stuff in general and news about the high-tech industry. So every morning, I get on my computer and start reading the front pages on these websites :


For me, Phandroid is the best Android news website on the Interwebz. Their rumours are the almost always accurate, their reviews are objective and the writers are very good. Also, they always provide great coverage of the big technology events. It's definitely my personal favorite.

Android Community

Android Community is another great website when it comes to Android news and rumours. They also have an Android device registry you can access here. It is a very complete website and I recommend you visit it once in a while.

Mobile Nations

Mobile Nations is a network regrouping 5 communities : Android Central, Crack Berry, iMore, Windows Phone Central and WebOS Nation. They have podcasts, shows, reviews, event coverage and even a store. If you are looking for one big website with all the mobile info you are looking for, Mobile Nations is the one for you.

Mobile Syrup

For Mobile Syrup, have a great name is not enough. They are the best source for news and rumours about what is going on in the mobile world in Canada. They also provide great reviews on the devices that are specific to our region. That makes them unique because no other website will spend time on our custom Canadian products.


Unlike the other websites discussed in this post, SlashGear is not only about mobile stuff. They are all about gadgets and techy stuff which sometimes is a little too much for average readers. They cover everything from video games to copyright infringement lawsuits. 


Gizmodo is more like a newspaper than all of the others. Their website interface really makes you think you are reading a journal which is awesome. The writers are always funny but if your not a geek, maybe you won't get their jokes. It is more like SlashGear in the sense that it is not only for mobile stuff but they cover a way wider range of subjects. Astronomy, Anthropology, Graphic Design, and many more. Be sure to pay them a visit !


Last but definitely not the least, Engadget is like the mother of all tech news websites. They are the best at providing live event coverage, their reviews are very good and they have more than talented writers. The great thing about Engadget is that it is for everyone so you don't have to be a nerd to read what they have to say.


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